Last update on Saturday, January 12th 2019

The Ionic 4 Vue Maxi Best Of Tuts

The Ionic 4 Beta is here!

With the Ionic 4 Beta out, I prepared for you the Ionic Vue Maxi Best Of Tuts!

Ionic has been focused on the Angular platform since the version 1.
However, Ionic 4 can now be used with any JavaScript library/framework.
During the past months, I created different tutorials to help people transition from Angular to Vue and I recently updated all of them for the Ionic Beta version.

The journey started with an experimentation combining Ionic, Vue and Cordova:

It was quite cool, however, using the Ionic CLI to generate a project with Ionic Native plugins and TypeScript was better:

From there, the sky became the limit:

For Angular, there aren't many changes and they will be handled in my book that I'm currently updating.

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